My Journey

My Journey

Why Teach Mindfulness?
In 1993 I served a three-month term as a grand juror. We heard testimony and examined evidence in over 250 individual felony cases and indicted nearly every target suspect. The targets in these cases were overwhelmingly young men of color. It quickly became clear that these young men had very little power or agency, which correlates strongly with poverty, low educational achievement and attendant evils such as substance abuse, gang involvement, and crime. I wondered how learning differences might also be implicated.

I left my job as a foundation administrator and began working with inner-city kids who learned atypically. I eventually returned to school, studying educational outcomes for nonwhite urban kids. There, I first learned about mindfulness meditation and began my personal practice.

When the school where I worked went through a major relocation and increased enrollment, the stress on the entire community intensified. Teacher illness and fatigue spiked. Students exhibited the effects of the increased stress in multiple ways; behaviorally, attentionally and somatically.

I began to focus on how to affect community culture to support a calmer environment and to help promote more skillful ways of responding to stress. After taking an introductory course from Mindful Schools, I was accepted into their year-long training program, from which I graduated in 2016 and was certified.

Teaching mindfulness to children and their teachers is one of my great joys.

A Little About Me
When not in the classroom, I love to dance — ballroom and country western/blues styles. I am a mindful gardener and I enjoy spending time in nature, especially near water. During the school year, I tutor math at PieRSquared in Roxbury, MA.

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