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Growing Responsive Minds

mindfulness instruction for kids and their teachers

Mindfulness for students and teachers

Why practice mindfulness in schools?

Today’s schools are often called upon to provide much more than academic instruction to their students. Particularly in urban public schools, children arrive with a variety of stressors. Teachers must now address the effects of poverty, neglect, societal pressures, technology, and a host of environmental challenges that stand in the way of students’ readiness to learn.

Mindfulness training helps us respond to challenges more skillfully. Benefits include decreased stress, increased self-awareness, better ability to focus and stay on task, reduced cortisol levels, and increased capacity for empathy and compassion.

About Betsy

I am a certified Mindfulness Instructor, specializing in school communities. My focus area is urban schools. Learning to respond skillfully to the environment unlocks our abilities to focus, attend and "show up" for our work as students, teachers and other school specialists.

How Does this Work? 

My work falls into three general categories. Read the descriptions below to get an idea of some typical offerings. Contact me for a more detailed conversation.

In-class mindfulness training for students and their teachers

Mindfulness instruction for class, grade, or whole school
Typical sessions are nine to fourteen weeks and meet once or twice each week for 20 to 45 minutes per classroom.

Mindfulness for teachers, administrators and specialists

Training for classroom teachers and other caring adults in the school community
Learn to being mindfulness and focus to your work with your students.

Workshops and Professional Development

Recent topics have included
Mindful play for focus and attention, Self-care for school specialists, Bringing mindfulness to the physical therapy zone, Mindfulness and Individual Education Plans, and more.

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